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Accessibility at Virgin Media,( not when you're deaf)

"Helping everybody live an independent digital life"

"At Virgin Media, we want everybody to enjoy our great products and services. That's why we're doing everything we can to make them accessible for those living with speech and hearing impairments, disabilities, or other issues that might make enjoying Virgin Media more difficult"

We want to be more accessible

At Virgin Media, we believe in digital that makes good things happen. We think nothing should get in the way of browsing the web, watching TV or catching up with your loved ones on the phone.

That's why we are doing all we can to ensure all our customers and employees can live truly independent digital lives. We want our products and services to be fully accessible (and enjoyable) for everyone.

Here are some of the things we're doing - and what we plan to do - to make Virgin Media accessible to all.


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I have been having trouble with the simple act of taking up a postal offer that i was sent in january of this year. With virgin media being a technology based corporation (internet based services especially known), the simple job of contacting the provider should be easy.

As long as you can actually communicate via the spoken sound, if you happen to be in another category and can't, good luck, as the problem is not with virgin media, but with yourself.

As i have found out, using live chat was pointless, as each time i chose the option to chat to someone in upgrades, i was eventually informed that it was billings and they can't get access to account info that they would need,so please phone up.

I explained my situation to someone from Vm with some sense, in the forum, and they had been trying their best.I had to scan letters and the full colour brochure as there seemed to be no record of me being sent such an offer.

Finally, she sent me a hopeful looking message, stating that i was to go back to live chat, 


They will then confirm he is an existing customer.  He will enter the queue with the teams and the agents have been briefed to support with the query.

If he could enter his full name in the name field that would help our team identify him and provide an efficient resolution.

If you could please follow the support given xxxxxxxx and let me know how this goes.

I have teams who can help if there are any further issues here."

This proved another waste of my time!

So apparently Accessibility at Virgin Media, only works in print and advertising spots, and unless i am able to speak vocally, i can't do sod all about upgrading, downgrading etc etc ( i can see the fun i would have if something dodgy was happening with my account.) 


What i would like, is to have the contact details of a more senior member of the Vm team,or/and escalate this matter further, as this is just not acceptable, it's like being a child,unable to do something without someone else doing it for me  and please keep sending me offers to take up a mobile and landline,as i have plenty to chat about  "rolls eyes"


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Accessibility at Virgin Media,( not when you're deaf)

Hi biscuit

I am so incredibly sorry that in this specific situation the systems we have let you down as a customer with us Smiley Sad

As you know we have been working together to find a resolve on this and I understand this has been a convoluted process due to the limitations we have with this specific offer and the contact options for this particular offer being only available by dialling into this number.

I know we have tried a number of avenues to support you with this and my personal apologies that we have been unsuccessful in this to date.

Alternative options you may be able to use as a customer with a hearing impairment if this is something you would like to also consider are the Text Relay service that can be used by our customers where a recognised team will call in to speak to us acting with your authority as the account holder to communicate with us in your stead.

All of our agents are able to discuss accounts with the Text Relay (or Talk Type as they are also known) teams acting as an intermediary to communicate your typed requests to us on your behalf.

You would potentially need to download an app to use this service and for further information regarding this please check in on the link above which takes you to the Ofcom site to support further.

Please be aware also that in the course of supporting you previously, this issue has already been flagged to one of our top level management teams for them to look into additional options for the marketing teams going forwards as part of our commitment to our accessibility customers.

I am more than happy to support you if there is anything else you would like me to do for you.

Kindest regards always.





Forum Team

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