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£180 credit limit? What????

Hi everyone I'm new to this so sorry if I've put it in the wrong board! Anyway....

My partner and I moved into our 3rd floor flat at the end of December we looked everywhere for a good broadband & to deal and once we got a flyer from virgin though our door and my partner spoke with a guy from the virgin team we were looking at £81 a month for 2 of the better boxes good internet speed and connections, football channels including sky sports, had channels, some movies & even a £100 gift card for John Lewis. We were happy with this deal and had a connection guy come out to our flat the same week. Unfortunately they told us they were not able to get on our roof to fit us a cable (although everyone other flat in or block has virgin media) we were very disappointed and angry as this was on going for about 3 /4 weeks. We were left without a good enough explanation and no internet or tv!

We eventually got a guy to come out and fit is a line (without the need of ladders) and it cost us £50! Once that was done my partner went into a virgin shop to discuss what our new options were and were told to pay £100! So after he (not so nicely told them were they could pull £100 from) he asked me to deal with it so I rang virgin to see what I could do the woman on the phone was so snotty considering they have messed US about for weeks. I opted for the lowest package as I didn't know what to get I just wanted them out to our fault to confirm they could go ahead installing it, which happened and we now have virgin.... Although there isn't anything we can do about the package we were offered in January with is so disappointing! Today I received a letter telling me I need to pay £180!?????? It said my credit allowance is nearly up what the hell does that mean? Why do I need to pay £180 when I've had virgin for 2 weeks and I'm on the £29 a month tarrif???? I even opted for a SIM card from them and I'm wishing I just didn't ring them back at all.

What can I do?
What can Virginia do to help me?
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Re: £180 credit limit? What????

you pay for 2 mouths this should help you understand that bill

Using VIVID 350 Optical Fibre, Player TV, Talk Weekends

Just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong.
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Re: £180 credit limit? What????

Hi Jonesc94

Many thanks for getting in touch with us on the forums about the credit limit letter.

I appreciate you taking the time to join us on the community to look into this with us.

In order for us to look into this for you we need to clear security with you and the teams best suited to do this with you are our Customer Care teams on the phone or our Webchat teams.

I understand that if something is not as expected on your billing, you want to look into this, and to do so it would be great if you could get in touch with our teams via the secure methods below.

You can contact them to look at supporting you with this this either via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat

To speak to the Webchat teams just choose the option in the column on the left that best matches your needs and tab over to the right through the menu to get to the Chat Online option.

E.g.- Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Via these options our teams can clear security with you and support you with billing or packages queries. As the forums are public, supporting you in this way is the best way to keep your data confidential.

Additionally I will send a PM to you that you can find in the to support you further here.

If you could pop back to me on this, that would be great!



Forum Team

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