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12 months for £55 ? Or will it actually be more?

I've just signed up. I read the contract (which came through the electronic docusign system) very carefully and rang to confirm prices. I understood that my price would be fixed for 12 months and would then rise. I checked the T's and C's too.

However, today I receive the "Your Installation is Coming" email (that doesn't read right in my head) and it says in blue letters "Prices may change at any time during the contract", which seemingly goes against the "12 months fixed" price I'm set to be paying and feels like it's been added on after I signed the contract. 

I've signed up for the 12 month "at £55" Full House deal and would expect to get the same price being charged for at least those 12 months. It's a 12 month contract according to the VM people on the phone.

I've had a chat with the Twitter team, who tell me that VM "do not offer fixed term contracts". I mentioned that I'd signed up to a 12 month fixed term contract, but they then said, "Not in regards to the price, which is clearly mentioned in the residential service agreement".

Now, aside from the rather abrupt response on Twitter and the 40+ minutes I had to spend on the phone just to find out about how long my contract was, can anyone clarify this? To me it seems that the headline "£55 p/m for 12 months" should in fact read "£55 p/m but actually could go up during that time so who knows really" ? 

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Re: 12 months for £55 ? Or will it actually be more?

Hi gears,

I too have only just signed up however i negotiated for the full house package at £39 per month for 12 months.

Ofcom have issued guidance on "mid-contract price increases" here is the link to the ofcom regulations on this.

Ofcom Mid Contract Price Rises Regulations

Hope this helps



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