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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

We keep getting phone calls saying they are Virgin Media fom the phone number 08004089341, when i've done reseach i've found some people saying it really is Virgin Media, others saying it's just people prestending to get hold of you details, or other people saying it's different "Companies" entirely.


Can anyone shed any light on this, and also HOW DO WE STOP THEM CALLING?


You ask to be taken off their records but they don't remove you.


Someone help, i'm sick of these calls, had 4 today!


Font of All Knowledge
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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

If you dial that number you get a message stating that you had a call from the team at Virginmedia and not to worry as we will ring you back at another time.


You need to call Customer Services and get them to put a block on any marketing calls from Virginmedia, you could try today on 150 and choose the option Thinking of leaving us.


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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

Thank you. I didn't know you could request to block calls from their marketing so i'll try that.

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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

I have had so many calls from this number (or a similar 0800 number) recently. I suspect that it is to do with Virgin but the callers are thick as the garden wall. They always ring during the working day when I won't be there anyway. Also I have a policy of NEVER answering the phone before about 6pm when at home during the week. Anyone who actually knew me, would ring at a time when I would be there so i know that the call will be a junk call. Please note that you are wasting your time!

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

Getting phone calls from this number DAILY on my mobile number which is not virgin, sometimes several a day. I have stopped answering,  when i did they said they were virginmedia but spoke VERY BAD English and usually would just hang up never telling me what they wanted and several were just silent calls. These is simply NOT on!! 

If this really is virginmedia I suggest someone high up looks at all the nusience phone calls reports online about this number and does something about it as they are loosing you customers, I have TV/ phone/broadband with you and i am seriously annoyed at being harrased on my pirate number.

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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

Hi Miss_moose


You can register with the telephone preference service which is free. You can also request through our customer services to be taken off any marketing lists.


Hope this helps.



Gavin Pearce
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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

I had a phone call from the same number today. If it was virgin your customer service is appalling! So rude! 

Making Waves
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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

I am both registered with the TPS and have asked VM's Marketing department to stop phoning me, and I am still receiving these phonecalls. The last was last night!



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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

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I am now being plagued by these marketing calls on my mobile, if I didn't know better they are being paid per call.


I have stamina, keep on calling, I am not going to answer you cretins... 

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Re: 08004089341 Virgin Media or a scam?

In the past week my wife has had several calls to her mobile from this number, and she sensibly refused to give them any information until they could speak to me.


This afternoon they called when I was home and the call set every one of my alarm bells ringing. The audio quality of the connection was awful, nothing like the clear lines I usually get when speaking to Virgin Media, and the guy I spoke to had a very strong non-UK accent with a heavy American or Canadian leaning, almost like someone who had learned English as a second language from a North American tutor.


The background "office" sound effects also seemed far too audible compared with my previous dealings with Virgin, in which the sounds of other operators have been very quiet or even inaudible. This was like a sound effects tape being looped, or at the very least an open workspace with no acoustic isolation.


The guy asked for the first two characters of my password, which to be fair is standard VM protocol, but then that protocol is also fairly common knowledge. I refused and asked for further details.


All he would tell me was that my account had been selected for a special offer of a "half-price period" and "free Sky Sports". This also set my spidey senses tingling, because I already have some deep discounts applied to my account through legacy VIP deals and yearly renegotiations and part of an earlier renegotiation was to drop Sky Sports completely. Wouldn't a legitimate VM representative have that information to hand?


I also questioned why VM would choose to contact me on my wife's mobile number (that I'm not even sure was ever associated with our Virgin account) when they could have used the e-mail address that VM uses for a lot of other promotional material, or my landline which is actually provided by Virgin Media. He deflected that question by repeating the vague information about the "offer".


I then tried to flim-flam him by offering the first two characters from a completely fictitious password. He told me this was incorrect, but whether this was because he had the genuine password or because he'd rumbled my ruse is unclear. I only wish I'd had the smarts to do that straight away and see what happened next. I'll certainly try it if they call back.


I could be wrong, but the whole thing definitely felt like a phishing expedition to me. If it was genuine then Virgin Media need to seriously rethink their strategy when it comes to cold calling their customers because the whole exchange felt as dodgy as hell.


On a side-note, I'm extremely disappointed to see that after nearly three years and eight follow-ups, the only response on this thread from an official VM representative has been a suggestion to use the TPS (with which, for the record, all of our numbers are already registered).


Come on, VM staff. When people post technical queries to these forums you have enough information to hand that you can run immediate remote diagnostics on their hardware. Very impressive. And yet after three years you can't give a straight answer to the OP's query?


It's a very simple question: Is 0800 4089341 a legitimate Virgin Media customer services number or not?