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Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_read

Since returning from my holidays when I am working on one of my websites (and only this website) on my virgin wireless I keep getting Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_read when surfing about the https:// admin pages.


If i frefresh the page is works most of the time. Sometimes I have to refresh 3-4 times though.


The only thing I can say is I am not having this issue anywhere else I log into this site.

I am having it on all 4 computers in my home which range from iMac, Mac Air, iPad and Windows XP. It is an issue on all of them and on firefox, IE and Chrome browsers.


I tried resettting the router to the factory default and this has not made the problem go away.


The only additional information which may be of use is that I did migrate the site to another IP two weeks ago.


But it only moved from to the new site i.e. it is still on the same dedicated box.



Please help.

Please use plain text.