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wifi issues with playstation 4

Hi my son recently purchased a PS4 and it appears to be struggling to keep a good wifi connection, will i need a wifi booster/range extender???

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Re: wifi issues with playstation 4

The costs of boosters vary so before putting your hand in your pocket make sure the hub is not confined or restricted, as in that it's not placed inside a cabinet with the door closed, or placed behind the tv, or squished next to a wall/books/clutter etc, it should ideally be stood upright/vertical(vents at the top)& the side with the virgin button facing out into the room to get the most out of the wifi, same goes for the PS4 as in make sure its got space around it,  other devices can interfere with wifi also. If the PS4 isn't too far away from the hub, I'd recommend wired connection.

You could also phone up customer services & ask them to check the hub for problems or order a new superhub(the sh2ac should give better wifi performance compared to the older sh1) though there's a small charge for postage & packaging.

All the best Smiley Happy

Edit: You might want to hold off buying the booster off the VM site also, read this forum post 

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Re: wifi issues with playstation 4

buy a long cable and if need be take it up the outside wall Smiley Happy 20-50meter cables are cheap.

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