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why? (Constant Lag) - Online Gaming

So my problem isn't fixed every time i try to play online with my games i met with constant lag no matter what game I play, anytime of day 30-100+ lag spikes also my speeds take a massive hit, from 100 to 30 download speed and I do multiple test on my speed it jumps up and down also my upload speed is bad 6 to 2 constant change during testing yet my problem is supposedly fine when I do service checker on your website. I am a wired connection.

(This problem has been like this for months) 

Can someone help me with this problem.


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Re: why? (Constant Lag) - Online Gaming

Staff have told you what is wrong, congestion on your network segment (overutilisation)

Unfortunately your two options are

Wait for a fix- remember the date you have been given is a review date, not a fix date. Capital works may well be involved and these faults tend to stay open for a long time...


Change supplier.

As you have a fault number you can claim a rebate against your monthly bill by phoning in each month. But no amount of posting will speed things up.

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