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sh3 latency

Hi im having a terrible time with latency with 200 gamer and sh3.My son is complaining every day thats its making  games unplayable so much im considering leaving virgin for a more reliable isp if its not fixed soon.I still have my sh2 (vmdg485),can i go back to this?

Thanks for any help

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Re: sh3 latency

Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool on Xbox One:
Network ports used by Xbox Live on Xbox One:
xBox Support:
Xbox One operating system versions and system updates:

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Re: sh3 latency

north wrote:

I still have my sh2 (vmdg485),can i go back to this?

Yes with some proviso's - 

Two main Problems with the VMDG485 due to  the refurb program finishing more than a year ago which means:

  1. For normal customers then when replaced by SH3 then as soon as SH3 is activated then the system will also deactivate and remove SH2 from inventory and request you re-cycle it thru local recycling centre.  That effectively (and typically) means that apparently the  necessary front end billing/ accounting/ configuration systems (which all have to correlate exactly) will not allow  Level1 (call centre - and probably even more-so offshore) to re-enable your SH2.  However, all is not lost as you need to contact UK Retentions(aka "Thinking-of-Leaving-Us") who subject to a polite and objective discussion/negotiation may be able in some circumstances (to retain a longterm customer)  to do their utmost to arrange to override most of the "brain-dead" Level1 billing/accounting systems ...... BUT (dependent on No . 2.  below ) it's not guaranteed due to your specific area topology and many other colateral update/maintenance schedules.
  2. Most of the hysteria/excitement on these forums is obviously factored/gravitates towards CPU/Latency on Puma6-SH3 and invariably completely ignores how (overall) DOCSIS3 performance is also reliant on many many other factors including in this context the Downstream  channel configurations available on a users cables segment/node.   That effectively means(or limits) VMNG300/SH1/2/2AC to upto 8 Downstream channels compared to upto 24(potentially 32 later) with the SH3.  This then requires that additional "load balancing" has to be deployed when SH2 8channel devices are used to replace SH3 (upto 24 D/S channel) as this is significantly less efficient than the inherent incumbent DOCSIS3 load balancing of SH3 capability.    Unfortunately VM won't elaborate(don't have time) on these reasons so individuals  understandably are reluctant to pursue any in-depth DOCSIS research/understanding to reach any (informed) balanced objective reasoning.  Smiley Sad  

Q&D (Short) Answer:

Yes SH2 can (technically and conceptually) accept V200 Tier configurations as you'll see from forum posts (excluding a small number of trialists/SU's that have had the ability to still use/test both V200 and V200Gamer and other Tier combinations on all SH2/SH2AC and SH3 Hubs over the last 8 years)  but even these continued rare exceptions are not guaranteed for any/all of us in all areas because DOCSIS network planning is always dynamic/changeable. 

CAVEAT's(Wimp's Charter): Naturally none of the aforementioned items represents any official VM response and those paticipating in any continuing Trials cannot unfortunately  elaborate on any specific Trial results (unless already released to Community)  as previous circumstances have demonstrated that members can & will be expelled from future testing/trials et al if some details are prematurely published! 

Regards Tony
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Re: sh3 latency

north wrote:

I still have my sh2 (vmdg485),can i go back to this?


Yes you can, but you will need to re-activate it.  

You should be fine as long as you reach the person who is actually willing to help (a lot of support gives scripted replies just because they don't want to bother doing somethiing even slightly non-standard). But most people had reactivated their SH2s on this package without any issues.


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