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rubber banding when gaming

I keep rubber banding within game and my ping will spike from 30 to 300+ causing me to lagg and rubber band constantly when in game this happens all throughout the day and even at night time as i have just stopped playing due to it as its unplayable. I have had this issue for months, and i know its not my computer because when i use another internet line its fine and i experience no rubber banding

Im plaing Battlefield 1 and am going OFFLINE every 10-15 min grrrr..when a was using TalkTalk broadband was NO such a problem


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Re: rubber banding when gaming

Hello Didaka83,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with your broadband connection.

I've run some tests on your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. There are no faults reported and the network segment is running stable.

Is the device in question (Xbox, PS4, PC) connected via wireless or wired? If wireless can you try through wired to see if you get the same issue please?

Do you only experience high pings whilst playing Battlefield 1 or does it happen on others also?

Hope to hear from you soon


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