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random d/c - lag

ive had random d/c and lag for a couple of days now I just looked an I have a problem says the website and wont be fixed till the 10th , u got to be kidding, I want it sorting , I have things to do between now and that date an cannot afford to be d/c as it = bans in my game , for a company this size this is a joke , I hope we get deductions in the bill? but I very much doubt it , ive been with virgin for many years an this is constant problems nothing ever changes but they soon over charge  and d/c if ur late with payments

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Re: random d/c - lag

Hi doc2k4uk
Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of the disconnections that you are experiencing.
The fault listed on the service status page is for signing into My Virgin Media and not a service affecting fault.
I've run a few checks on your connection and there are problems showing with your downstream power levels which we will need to arrange for an engineer to adjust.
I will send you a private message (red envelope top left hand corner) to get this organised.


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