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ping slowly getting higher? why?

Hey, when I first got my internet it was sweet, I was playing league of legends and got around 27-30 ping which is fine, it then rose to around 34-38 which made me question it but i didnt mind as it was still a decent ping, now it seems im getting 40-50 which is still playable but I want to know why its gotten worse over time?

P.S, I've tried changing channels accordingly to make sure it doesnt interfere with neighbors (on 1,6, and 11). And im using and ethernet cable and have my modem where it always has been with minor interference.

If you can solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated 

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Re: ping slowly getting higher? why?

Hi Madtail,


Is this only happening over wireless? You say you're using an ethernet cable but you've also mentioned changing channels and keeping the hub in the same place. Is this wired or wireless?

If wireless then it's likely that there are more users in the area and that is taking up bandwidth and contending the wireless signal which is why the pings have worsened. 

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