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ping and latency of Area 24 MK42 getting worse after fix




Been having major issues with the network in my area, F004063851 was raised, 3 council workmen appeared, drank cups of tea, scratched their bums and left in their virgin vans, claiming theyve fixed it. I rang friday, got told by their 2nd line support that despite the huge latency, despite the packet loss, despite there being 40% network load...despite it all.. its working fine. <rolls eyes>

live TBB feed:

Now would someone from the real second line support team REALLY look into this?  the service is becoming a joke again.

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Re: ping and latency of Area 24 MK42 getting worse after fix

Hi billam,


Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the connection problems, I know how frustrating this can be.


The fault raised on F004063851 has been closed as fixed, I'd like to run a few follow up checks on your connection, however as you've not posted from your home connection I've been unable to locate your details.


If you're still having any problems please drop us a quick update from your virgin connection and we'll gladly investigate further.



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