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laggy and slow speed during peak times

I'm having issues lately with the speed during peak time, between 7pm to 9-10pm.

My ping is constant (in CS GO) at around 140ms while it should be somewhere around 30-40 normally and web browsing is slower than usual.

If I have the 152mb package is it alright to have 6mb upload and not 12mb ?

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Re: laggy and slow speed during peak times

Hi kristianos
Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems that you have been experiencing recently when playing online. I've run a few checks on your connection to get this looked into further and everything looks healthy. I can't see any issues with the power levels, SNR or the traffic on your network segment. Are you connected wired or wireless? Can you post a trace route up for us to take a look at? If you are on the VIVID 152 package then the upload speed would be up to 12Mbps.
Speak soon,

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