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hey guys really need some help would be great if u answer me :)

Where do i start my problem is with my download speed on xbox setting every time i run the test i always get about 15mb/20mb which to most people would be good but i'm paying for 160mb down 13 up yes i'm on weird connection i have tried everything n i mean everything bought a netgear router bought new xbox one got virgin media to send me a new router n new cable it's really making me get down just want to enjoy playing xbox live with my friends but i can't if anyone could help would mean alot to me really would thank you x 


last thing on my pc when i do a speedtest my results are 160down 13up ping of 4 

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Re: hey guys really need some help would be great if u answer me :)

Assuming you have done any port forwarding required by any game you are playing...


Xbone does that. Plug "Xbox one slow speeds" into Google and see the pain...


To summarise all that reading for you..


  • The Xbone speed test is knackered. It ALWAYS shows a percentage of your actual speed
  • That doesn't actually affect download speeds, most of the time. Mine are fine. A LARGE download starts of saying it will take 7 weeks to complete (okay a slight exaggeration) but leave it running, a few hours later it is there.
  • There are several games out there that are fundamentally broken. FIFA is one of them. Ignore any issues on FIFA, its not related to your network speeds
  • Xbone tunnels IPV6 over IPV4 (actually it tunnels inside a tunnel but that's another story) so will never see your full network speed.


If your PC is showing full tilt and you are wired to your Shub (as you say you are), not much can be done, but rest assured your actual speeds are faster than the Xbone speed test. Make sure your network cables are okay and to spec. Cat 5e minimum. 






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