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having bad ping problem with online games

I've been playing csgo and other online games and my ping keeps randomly going high for like a second and then back to normal it's starting to get super annoying as nearly all games are unplayable usually the ping goes from 50 to 100ping but sometimes it goes to 500 or 900 in some cases.

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Re: having bad ping problem with online games

Hi Pinglagproblem,


Ping spikes are a fairly common problem that can be caused by a number of different issues, every one of them highly irritating of course.

I've just checked your connection and can see that your upstream power levels are too high which is the likely cause of the spikes. We'll need to get a technician out to adjust and I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time. To check your messages just click the envelope at the top of the forum.

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