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frequent disconnects with World of tanks Xbox one

as title says, Xbox one WOT is frequantly disconnecting on Xbox one, I have noticed nat settings are set to strict but googled various fixes for super hub 2 to change to open, in the hope that this was the reason for the disconnects of which none have worked

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Re: frequent disconnects with World of tanks Xbox one

Hi Qvx91977,


Sorry to hear you're getting disconnected from World of Tanks. There is a known issue with the SH2s firmware causing games to drop which is the likely cause of this. We are working on a fix at present and hope this will be implemented very soon. 

In the mean time the work around we've seen to work is to put the hub into modem mode either with a separate router or a device connected directly and you should have stable connectivity. Give that a go and let us know if that doesn't help so we can look at other options.

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