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confused! need help quickly

im having major internet problems on my Xbox one, i literally cannot play any online game or even be in a party without being kicked every 2 mins, im not even getting 1mbs on my Xbox one but yet im getting 102 Mbps on my pc. i dont have this problem when i play on my PS4 on my xbox one, so can anyone please please help me, thank you very much. 



Also i have tried using both wired and WIFI and i still cant even get over 1mbps 

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Re: confused! need help quickly

Hi Hyperspeede,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Xbox one. I've checked your connection and everything looks perfectly fine from here as evidenced by you getting good speeds on the PC. I would start by saying not to take the xbox ones speed test too literally as it's servers are based in the US and this does skew results. The constant dropping out could be a part of the issue we're investigating with the SH2 though this would affect the PS4 too. Could you try a test with the hub in modem mode connected directly to the xb one?

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