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al1 area / xbox one latency issue (lag)


I need help as I can no longer play online on xbox live (either un playable or wont even find a lobby)

I play Halo and Forza on xbox one

I have an asus N66u as the router and the virgin superHub 3 as the modem.  I have tried both portforwarding xbox live ports ( and placing the xbox one in the DMZ

Sometimes the games are fine but more and more the lag is ridiculous and unplayable.  I run the xbox one diagnostics (option in netorks wihtin the console) and the latency is around 800ms when it should be less than a 100ms.  The download and upload speeds are fine (27dl, 2ul).

I run the diagnotic when its running fine and the latency is low around 100.

If you need anymore info please ask and I will provide (not sure how to do the tracert mentioned in other posts).

The main reason I have internet is for gaming so this is a bit of a pain to say the least.  so VM please help.



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Re: al1 area / xbox one latency issue (lag)

Hi Reza,


Welcome to the community though disappointing to hear about the lag and latency issues gaming on your Xbox, annoying.


I've been running a few checks on your service from this end and the good news is that both your Hub and local network segment are reporting back in  good health, so no obvious issues there.


I can see that your Hub is already in modem mode, if you run a wired connection directly to your Xbox, with out the Asus router involved does this make any difference?


Kind Rgds

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