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Xbox live issues (SH3)

Ok I'm not sure what's going on. Recent Xbox live has been very unstable for me.. I'll be playing a digital downloaded game and it will kick me off saying you must be signed in to Xbox live to play this game.

( I game share )

Thing is i am connected to live as the party chat works and my friends and me can still talk. Then i try to relaunch the game and it says cannot start you are not connected to Xbox live.

A few minutes later is resolves and works but then the problem creeps back. This seems to happen at least twice a day.

Everything was working fine weeks ago.

I've tried resetting hub, factory reset. DMZ zone. Port forwarding...

I called Microsoft and they said Virgin is aware of this issue and they will fix it by April?

Then i called up Virgin and spoke to a nice guy called robin who said they had no reports of problems and didn't know how to help me.

I have no idea what's going on.. everything else in the house works fine, ps4 plays flawlessly and never DC's. My Xbox is also on wired ethernet.
NAT type is open etc.

Was there some sort of firmware update recently that broke everything? What's funny is i tried to use modem mode and apparently only 1 port should work at the back in modem mode. I can plug my ethernet in any port even in modem mode and it works.

I've done everything i can and it still has this error saying I'm not signed in when i am.

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Re: Xbox live issues (SH3)

Evening Flopflip,

Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.

Apologies you are having an issue with Xbox Live disconnecting.

Is the Xbox wired directly to the Hub or to another router/power line adaptor?

If you sign into Xbox Live on a PC/laptop, does the disconnection occur?

Was there a difference when you used modem mode?

Let me know how you get on




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