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Xbox lag and very very slow Internet

I am having an issue with the internet connection to my daughters xbox 1 😫 she is able to play on it but at certain times throughout the day she's experiencing lag? Also the settings keep changing to strict which stops play completely. I have had this issue before also with the Internet running slow so had an engineer out who replaced the cable running from the tivo box to the router he said it wasn't strong enough. This is becoming too much as it's also disconnecting mobile wifi and laptop/tablets

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Re: Xbox lag & very very slow Internet

Hi chassi
Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems your daughter is experiencing when playing her Xbox online. That sounds really frustrating and we'll certainly get this looked into further. I've run a few checks on the hub and everything looks healthy which is great. 


Is the Xbox connected wired or wireless? If it's connected wireless I've included a link here with some tips on improving the wireless connection around the home. I'd recommend changing the wireless channel to see if this makes any improvement. There are many factors that can affect wireless though so a wired connection is always the best option. Putting the Xbox into the DMZ (hub's advanced settings in the GUI) should also help if you are having problems with a strict NAT type, you can also try turning off the "instant on" option in the Xbox settings. 


Speak soon 

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