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Xbox One latency on Virgin Media


I have a Virgin Media broadband connection of up to 152mb and I normally get close to that.  The problem I have is with latency/ping which according to my Xbox One is normally 163 ms.  When I play multiplayer games it often feels laggy and I feel at a disadvantage when playing shooters online. My connection to the xbox is wired by the way.

I've spoken to VM's people over the phone - they've checked the line and they've also done some port forwarding for the Xbox. But to no avail.

I've also spoken to Microsoft who made me do a factory settings reset to refresh the chip or something.  No success.  They advised that I should be looking to achieve a latency of 6 ms - and I'm a long way off this.

I don't know what to do - it's so frustrating that neither VM nor Microsoft can solve this. Does anyone have any potential solutions?



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Re: Xbox One latency on Virgin Media

The 163ms ping is a false result due to the servers being in the US.
Your ping is fine,believe me, even if you cannot prove it.

(Everyone in the Uk have this high ping when testing from xbox one)