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Xbox One and Fifa 15 Connection Awful

If you want to play any game with a chance of it being Lag Free my advice to any existing or new customer would be to stay as far away from Virgin media as you can. There Internet service is useless and compatibility with any of the new consoles is absolutely dire wired or wireless. Don't be fooled into thinking if you buy another wireless router you will be fine as you wont.


As soon as evening arrives say goodbye to any decent stable speeds you had in the day and say goodbye to your evening of gaming as well....Virgin Media can't even be bothered to inform there existing customers of fault's that can be responsible for reducing the speeds during peak times (evenings and weekends) and they certainly mislead new customer's as they don't tell them of any of the current faults when they sign up to this Rip Off Service....


After nearly 13 years with Virgin it's finally time I stick two finger's up to you and wave your shoddy service Goodbye for good.....and i'll throw the middle finger in for good measure as well..  

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