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Xbox One Wireless Disconnects SH2

Hi, i recently (last month) received a Super Hub 2 to replace my Superhub 1 and ive found the wireless keeps cutting out on my Xbox One.

Previously i connected the Xbox One using ethernet cable, cat5e, and all seems fine. My phone, a Galaxy S4, worked perfectly on wireless using the 5ghz SSID.

I recently bought a game called Just Dance 2016 which uses phones as the controller and both the Xbox and phones need to be on the same wireless SSID. I disconnected the xbox from cable and attached it to the wireless (5ghz) and all works fine for about 5 minutes before the xbox and phones get kicked off the wireless (wireless activity lights still flash though). It seems the only way to reconnect is to restart the Super Hub 2.   

I then played a different game on my xbox and it too worked fine for 5-10mins but then kicked me off wireless, which also then kicked my phone off wireless.

Wireless worked perfectly before the Xbox One was connected to it.

Are there any suggestions?

Many Thanks.

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Re: Xbox One Wireless Disconnects SH2

Hi itacan

Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are having with the wireless connection on Just Dance 2016. Bit of a weird one there. I'd recommend dropping the wireless mode to 54mbps in the hub advanced settings and see if this helps with the Xbox/phone staying connected. I've also included a link here with some tips on improving the wireless connection.

Let me know if this helps. 

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