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Xbox One / Super Hub 2 / Frequent Disconnection

Hi all. New here. Apologies if this should be posted elsewhere.

Basicslly I've had the same problem intermittently since the end of 2015.

My Xbox One is connected by ethernet cable to my SH2 and now and then (very regularly over the last couple of days), I completely disconnect from Xbox Live.

When this happens, on the Sh2, the blue tick (normally solid) begins to flash and the up/down arrow turns yellow.

I've been on the phone to VM many times and everything appears fine for them. There has been issues in my area however they have apparently been resolved.

As I say, this happened last year and around the beginning of 2016 and each time is just seemed to resolve itself.

Anybody experience the same issue before?? I'm not very technical when it comes to stuff like this. My knowledge on routers etc is very limited.

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Re: Xbox One / Super Hub 2 / Frequent Disconnection

i have the same issue have been this way for 2 weeks now i have been told its some type of mts error had this issue in june for a month and it fixed itself like you said have been told they are fixing it but havent seen any evidence of anything being done engineer was here thursday and didnt even test anything in my house guy was clue less so cancelled my contract till this is fixed also withholding any payment they are due till such times as im a happy gamer again 


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Re: Xbox One / Super Hub 2 / Frequent Disconnection

Hi Sir_Rouge, 


Thanks for letting us know about your issues with disconnections occurring, I know this can be annoying so apologies for any bother.


I have tested things from here and I can see that your modem's SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) levels are too high. An engineer will need to attend in order to resolve this for you.


I will send you a PM (Purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed with making the booking. Please respond to me there and I'll ensure this all gets booked and secured for you.


Take care, 



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