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Xbox One Black Ops 3 Connection Problems


I'm having a serious problem while playing online games. It's been an on and off problem for a long time, I get disconnected or are unable to play most times, I try and play because of the connection.

I'm not too knowledgable about things to do with wifi or my connection.

As far as I know it's something to do with my router from reading articles on the Internet. I have a Virgin Super Hub and play on a wired connection but I also have a network repeater, I have contacted both Virgins Support and Xbox Support and both can't give a reason why it's happening.

All I really know that I have an Open NAT.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Re: Xbox One Black Ops 3 Connection Problems

Hi CianBond

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry to read that your experiencing disconnections when playing online.

With the Xbox connection, is this connected directly to the Super Hub with an Ethernet cable or is it connected the the network repeater? 

Does this only happen on Black Ops 3 or does it happen with other online games?

When you are in a middle of a game does the disconnection take you out of the match completely and back into the lobby or does it just lag? 

I would like to check your connection for any issues, however I was unable to locate your account. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) with some details for you to confirm please. Once you have replied I can look further into this.

Hope to hear from you soon


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