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Xbox 360 Live Connection Problems - Errors 80070525 & 80072741, ICMP mentioned

Guys, I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Firstly I would say that an engineer is coming to mine on 04/02 as a VM forum moderater has said that my downstream power levels are too high - Not sure if this would effect this problem though as my other consoles work fine? I am on Virgin Media broadband 200mb gamer package. I use the superhub 3 in modem mode connected by ethernet to a Asus AC66U router. All of my consoles are wired. My router is on the latest version of Merlin's firmware 380.64_2. My Xbox One, PS4, PS3 chromecasts etc. work perfect (Apart from the puma latency issue but there is already a thread about this! My 360 used to work perfectly fine and I have not changed any router settings. I haven't used it in a while as I've been playing my X1 and PS4 but a couple weeks back I decided to boot up the 360. The 360 wanted to apply an update 2.0.17511.0 released in November 2016 but could not download the update. I thought this was weird so updating by downloading the update to a USB stick on my laptop. Both my live account and my wifes would not let me sign in so I followed the advice given on the internet by deleted the profiles from the xbox, clearing the cache, clearing the wired internet settings and power cycling the xbox. I then tried to download the profiles again from live which did not work as the 360 advised that profiles cannot currently be downloaded. Over the last couple of weeks I have tried resetting the router/modem etc. and at some point I was able to completely download my wife's account which I can now sign into fine. I cannot however download my profile and I have had errors 80070525 & 80072741 shown. I am extremely frustrated here and would like any help that can be given. I have tried testing the 360 network option which connects through to xbox live fine - I would note however over the last couple of weeks sometimes this has failed to have a tick next to both internet and xbox live. However this test is now definitely working the whole way through. Thanks Matt

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My Broadband Ping - Virgin Vivid 200 Gamer
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