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XBOX Live loses connectivity

ver the past week my sons Xbox constantly loses connectivity and gets thrown out of games. It is now a the stage that it is pointless attempting to play with his friends.

We have tried hard wire - makes no difference.

His friends using different providers do not have this issue.

I have spent over an hour with virgin support who have changed settings to firewall and created a static ip address for xbox and added port forwarding rules. Twice I have been promised that once I get off the phone call that everything will be working fine because they sort this problem out all the time. The support person said he took an average of 50 calls a day about the same thing and he was an expert!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My son has recently had surgery and is off



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Re: XBOX Live loses connectivity

It's an issue with many other users, there has been numerous threads on this

Virgin are aware of the problem, and are investigating, though there is no ETA as to when it will be fixed.