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Why does Super Hub 2 not work with Eso

Issues with my elderscrolls connecting and now my xbox aswel randomly disconnects Im at my witts end

Spoken a few times to customer services to report the problem was told that if i want a new Hub i have to pay for one or use a wired connection which not possible due to the engineer not putting the modem were it was requested.

rant over ps would really love help nothing worst then finish work and not being able to unwind.

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Re: Why does Super Hub 2 not work with Eso

Hi rmtrembo


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the intermittent connection that you have been experiencing with online gaming. There will be a rollback of the Superhub 2 firmware going ahead this week.  Some more information can be found here. Let us know how your connection is after the update.


Hope you had a good weekend

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