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Why can't i play games at night just like i play in day?

So i play CS:GO and rainbow six siege, for 2 months i could not play CS:GO at all, i had changed my dns, computer settings, wiped it all and reinstalled but the issue was with Virgin media's DNS being too cheap.  Called the support line and they kept repeating, its all fine on our end its all fine on our end, well good but i cant play the game and its been 2 months now nearly 3 months.


I recently started playing Rainbow Six siege and their server West EU and North EU works fine in day time but night time it seems to give me 9k ping? **bleep**? disconnects me and all, changed DNS to virgin media's own and i hardly could even open google LOL it took me 10 seconds, using googles own DNS takes me a 1 second to open it. Virgin Media i think you should design a network for gamers only because of this poor performance and lack of help i am dying to switch ISP. 


Its not just these 2 games, many other titles i still cannot play and before you say its the spec of my pc, i spent nearly 3k beefing this system and there is no way in hell its the system because i hand assembled it and tested it numerous time. P.S i had a router that had dns issue and they sent me a new one, i think its still the same. Your DNS is ****. pardon my language. 


Everytime i try to do network diagnostic, the router webpage just freezes and wont let me do anything.  

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Re: Why can't i play games at night just like i play in day?

Setup a TBB monitor,  and monitor your signal for a few days and post the results.

Stop using VM's DNS if you want to. Nothing stopping you from using Googles or OpenDNS on your PC

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