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When will something be done about recent ping and packet loss issues

So for the past week i have noticed any games on the PC are not playable because of ping spikes and huge packet loss, i have called up many times and spoke to a lot of the technical support teams and i always get the same answer that it is not virgins side, the last time i was referred to this website who told me to see if anyone else is having my problem to find a fix, which in the last few days has had tons of complaints about the exact same problem i'm having, Especially in the game "League Of Legends" (The main game i am having the issue with) which has been fine for the past 2 years i have had virgin media and now is unplayable because of this fault. 

I have people who live 2 houses from me and people who live 2 miles from me playing the exact same game and server as me but do not have virgin media so do not get the problem, And then i have friends with virgin media also getting the problem as can be seen on the recent forum post.

SO my question is when is virgin media going to take responsibility for this problem and give a solution, instead of denying it is them when we can clearly see its something to do with virgin media

This will undoubtedly be my last attempt to get something done that does not involve being on hold for up to 60 minutes, Before i give up and decide to change Internet providers.


A response would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.



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Re: When will something be done about recent ping and packet loss issues

Hi Robbiet6,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear you're having ping & packet loss issues with gaming recently, I know how frustrating that is.


As I'm sure our team on the phone have told you, the hub and network are testing well.  The overall usage on the local cable is very low, so there's no stand out issues showing.  I do want to try to get to the bottom of it for you though.  Could you give me a bit more info about exactly the sort of lag you're experiencing, how high is your ping?  Does it fluctuate at different times of day, or is it constantly problematic?


I'd recommend setting up a Broadband Quality Monitor over 24-48 hours, this will keep a track of ping & latency, giving us an idea of where things are at.  If possible, could you also try modem mode and test the ping in that setup, if it's no better, could you please run some traceroutes to some of the gaming servers you use?


Let me know how you get on with that.


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