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Vm gaming -.-


I have just moved back home to my mums where i am having major issues with her cr@ppy virgin media!!

At home i used to have sky fibre - constant speeds no downtime no lag no speed changes at diff times etc it was sweet id play call of duty and smash the game getting 30+ kills to 5 deaths most games! No lag no anger from me

Come here now and my mum has vm. 100mb, ive checked speed it says only getting 30Dl and 5ul (my sky was 37dl 10up)

Also my room is about 5m diagnoally from the router and i cant get wifi!!

Is this usually the case for virgin i played yesterdsy got 7 kills 10 deaths... At home i never did that bad! So its deffos internet anyone any ideas

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Re: Vm gaming -.-

Hi Davemarsden132,


It sounds like you're gaming over wireless? is that correct? If so have you tried a wired connection at all?

I've just checked your connection and there is an area fault open for F004132010. This will cause slow speeds and latency at peak times such as evenings and weekends and is due for review 02/03/16.

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