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Virgin and League communication lag is unacceptable.

While playing league of legends the ping is constantly variable.  Ive been in touch with leagues support staff and run through all diagnostics, which revealed that the ISP is not communicating with leagues servers as it should and the game isnt being routed as priority traffic.  This happens regardless of the time of day, and its only something that has started within the past two weeks though there have seemed to be an extreme amount of issues in the past.


I have a 100 mb connection, so i should NOT be experiencing any issues, and I got a connection this strong simply so i wouldnt have to deal with any of the BS that im experiencing now and have been experiencing randomly the past two years.  Its simply taken me this long to realise the root cause of the issue is due to the communication between Riots and Virgins servers as my speed tests were always on par with what they should be, and Im connected via high quality cat cables on a quality machine.


I pay for a service on a contract for a specific purpose.  That purpose is not being fulfilled.  FIX IT.

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Re: Virgin and League communication lag is unacceptable.

Post a treceroute to their servers..

Post a speed test from HERE


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