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Virgin Superhub 2 with 2 x XBOX ones


I am using 2 x XBOX ones connected to a virgin superhub 2 

1st xbox one is connected via a switch shared with my PC directly to the router

2nd xbox one is either connected wirelessly or via a SONOS bridge ( wired to bridge and Sonos is wireless to another bridge which goes into the router ) 

I am suffering with a few problems firstly the WIFI mainly the 2.4ghz drops out every other day randomly until I reboot the router upon which it returns but then goes again in a few days ??? Annoying at best.

My second problem is that when both XBOX ONES are used at the same time the router seems to struggle ( used UPNP no ports opened etc cannot open ports if using 2 x XBOX ones they require UPNP ) My (1st)  XBOX the one which is directly wired to the switch and router has very bad delay or lag when playing on FIFA 16 EA servers or even when I am head to head or P2P against another player.... Why is this ? Why does my 152Mb virgin service crumble when playing someone on 10mb BT or SKY ?????? I ask them and they say they have no lag ? I get about half a second delay which makes the game almost unplayable..........  Smiley Sad

The problem seems to get better after midnight but please I cannot do all my gaming after midnight so my question is :-

Can this be solved ? Is my kit faulty ? Am I being throttled ? why does the wifi drop out ? Is this a virgin UPNP/EA server issue ? Would a new ASUS or NETGEAR top of the line router help? 

Can an engineer please check my signal / superhub as I am sure its broken. Do you have a better hub ? 

Any help would be much appreciated.

Happy Christmas


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Re: Virgin Superhub 2 with 2 x XBOX ones

Hi olrod


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of the problems that you are experiencing with disconnections and playing FIFA16 online. I'm going to send you a PM for some additional information to get this looked into..


Speak soon,


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Re: Virgin Superhub 2 with 2 x XBOX ones

What superhub do you have? SH2 VMG485? SH2 AC VMG490?

you can check on the stickers on the router.

More info can be found here for enquiring about an upgrade


Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool on Xbox One:
Network ports used by Xbox Live on Xbox One:
xBox Support:
Xbox One operating system versions and system updates:

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