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Virgin Hub 3. Avoid if you can..

My superhub 2 was fine fine fine. Speeds were okay.. NAT type was open on all consoles. Today i got the hub 3. The so called 'upgrade' from the hub 2. My speeds are shockingly rubbish and my NAT type is moderate on my xbox one's. I don't want no replies telling me about DMZ and port forwarding.. I wont be doing that. Why would i do that? When i can just return the so called 'upgrade' hub back to virgin, instead of the old hub 2? it is now 2016. How long do we need to make routers that work well with games consoles? It can be done. It's already been done. The hub 2 is evidence it can be done. So why do we keep taking 6 billion steps backwards when it comes to routers? Do NOT accept a hub 3 from virgin. You can if you want. But you'll hate it. Even agents at virginmedia say it's a piece of rubbish... Are virgin purposely trying to kill off their own company? internet speeds are terrible, the service is becoming unreliable and now they release a modem that looks like some sort of old council house bedroom radiator. I don't know anymore.. I think it's time to jump ship.
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