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Unreliable Ping

I have the VM unlimited 50mbps package. I have experienced problems with ping (latency) for 2yrs now. I'm considering writing to ofcom about VMs false advertising of their connection latencies.

download speed (ethernet) = 50mbps

download speed (wireless) = 30mbps

ping = unreliable
My ping jumps from 40 to 200 randomly for about 5minutes at a time at least 4 times per hour.

Online games are unplayable. I am on the verge of switching ISPs due to the frustration that this poor latency causes.

Please detail any reasons as to why this can happen.

VM I am paying in excess of £30/month for this service. You need to provide what you say you will.

Providing a connection with awful ping is simply not acceptable.
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Re: Unreliable Ping

Hi Blendr,


It sounds like you're getting the correct speeds at least. I couldn't locate your account to check what could be causing the pings spikes so I've sent you a private message requesting some details so I can investigate this further.

Check the envelope at the top of the forum to see your messages.


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