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Unable to access any PlayStation services from my IP address

Hi, I have suffered with this issue a few times in the past and it was never resolved by VM, the issue corrected itself after around 2 weeks last time.

I cannot access any Playstation services from my home internet connection.  My PS4 refuses to connect to PSN and my PS4, PC, phone and tablet will not allow me to log in to any Playstation website.

If I use the mobile data instead of my WiFi on my phone I can log into the playstation websites/store with no problems. Similarly, I took my PS4 to my parents house and it logged in immediately.

I just paid $13 to a VPN provider to get a new IP address only to find that Virgin have removed the ability to manually add a new DNS number from the SuperHub, I am very annoyed by this.  I have just registered with ExpressVPN for nothing.

I am sure IP address is being blocked, I pay VM £127 a month, do you think they can arrange to change my IP address please.  This is getting annoying, really quickly.

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Re: Unable to access any PlayStation services from my IP address

Hi LoveSpuds,


Sorry to hear you're still having trouble with PSN. Our IP addresses are dynamic but 'sticky' meaning that you are likely to be reassigned the same IP address when it comes time to renew. modem mode will force your hub to change IP address. 

Our hubs have never had the option to change DNS on them, for this you'd need a more advanced separate router or you can change the DNS directly on your PS4.

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