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Flag for a moderator streaming problems. Lagging, buffering etc. It doesn't lag when I go through VPN!

Hi guys,


I've been on Virgin for a few months now. I've seen the best and the worst. The speed is phenomenal. The ping is variable due to the technology used - but not too bad. But the biggest problem I have is with actual connections to various services, like Netflix and Twitch. I've never had problems with these services before, on BT Infinity or Sky fibre. Although those services weren't as "fast" in terms of bandwidth, they seemed more reliable for Youtube, Netflix and Twitch.


Since I've moved to Virgin, I get buffering on certain Twitch channels. Consider the fact that I am the only person using my 107Mb connection, it's wired, I don't appear to have contention in my area. The buffering, lag and all other issues disappear when I use my London and New York VPN service, which leads me to believe it's Virgin either throttling my connection to that service, or the routing/peering is bad. 


Is anyone else having problems with Twitch/Netflix buffering or switching to lowered quality? I've ran various diagnostics, traceroutes, ping tests etc, and I can't see anything on my end. It must be something to do with Virgin. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to keep my VPN subscription in order to enjoy the internet and digital services the way I want for now. Otherwise, I'll be buffering and playing content in lower than 240p quality.

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Re: streaming problems. Lagging, buffering etc. It doesn't lag when I go through VPN!

Hi Wizen,


Thanks for getting in touch, frustrating streaming problems by the sounds of things.


We don't throttle your connection outside of the usual traffic management policy so the issues being specific to Netflix and Twitch are a bit bit strange, do any of the traceroute or ping tests done suggest a peering problem anywhere?


I've run a number of checks on your service from this end and can see that the load on your cable does pick up at peak times, are the buffering problems more apparent evenings or at all times of day?


If you can also let us know the date and time of any further noticeable problems, we can cross check this with network data for the same period to see if there's any correlation with any reported issues.



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