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Trying to play Final Fantasy XIV, problems since last night

I have been experiencing issued while playing FFXIV since last night.


The game will just stop sending information to and form the FFXIV servers causing everything to stay completely still, once it remembers to do what it's meant to be doing everything plays 'catch up' and rushes around for a few seconds.


This is making it impossible to do anything in game.


The problem started occurring around 5pm last night and is continuing until now. I tried to play the game this morning (11am GMT) however the problem persists out of peak hours.


I continually get disconnected with a 9002 error, which means the disconnect is due to a problem client side I.E problem with my connection.


I've played FFXIV for two years now with no problems (If we ignore the over utilization)


I would like to know whether this is being raised and looked in to and whether there is an ETA on a fix. As I understand there is talk about this being linked to a recent firmware update.


God knows how many formal complaints I have raised with Virgin and I would rather not waste my time raising another.


Please reply as soon as you can.




I am connected via ethernet cable

I have tried restarting the router and PC

I have done several 'ping' tests and receive packet loss

I have switched the router to modem mode

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Re: Trying to play Final Fantasy XIV, problems since last night

Hi Kruxxor


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing when playing FFXIV


The issues we are currently investigating appeared to be linked with a firmware update that occurred a few weeks ago. If your problems started in the last few days it's unlikely to be linked. 


Checking your connection there are no problems showing with your hub or network segment. Overall usage is low with peak time traffic all looking healthy.


Can you try putting the hub into modem mode and letting us know if this makes a difference?


Could you also post a trace route when you notice these problems occurring.



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