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Terrible lag spikes in games and slow streaming


I have been getting getting serious lag spikes while playing video games and constant buffering while streaming videos online. I suspect there may be a fault with my superhub. I did a factory restore a week ago and it seemed to fix the problem, but it seems to slowly return over time. This is a ping graph from when I restored the hub.

this is today's graph

Both streaming and gaming have been impossible Since 6pm. I think stress during peak time has some part. Peak download speeds are still OK, especially at off-peak times. I was hoping to get a new hub sent out, I have had this one for years, and was told I would be sent a new superhub 2 when I upgraded to 150mb but never received one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Re: Terrible lag spikes in games and slow streaming

Hi AndyG3,


Sorry to see your connection looking so poor. I think there are two issues at play here, one is that you are affected by a peak time contention issue which will affect your speeds and latency in the evenings and weekends due to too much traffic over the local network node. 

This has been raised under ticket F003979825 and is due for review 02/03/16.

The other issue is that your graphs show textbook ramping. We'll have to replace your hub to resolve this and I've just sent you a private message to confirm your details and get one sent out asap.

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