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Superhub 3 port forwarding for Ps4

Hi all. I got Virgin broadband yesterday and I would like to forward ports for PS4 and PSN. I have the port numbers, but when it comes to inputting them into the router I've hit a problem. For example I want to forward port 80. So i put 80 into the local port boxes but what do I enter into the 'external port' boxes. I've tried inputting 80 into all boxes but it won't have it. 

I'm trying to achieve NAT 1 (OPEN) and don't really want to use DMZ. 

Any help would be massively appreciated. 


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Re: Superhub 3 port forwarding for Ps4

Hiya, hope this helps. First check out this link: VM Help for port forwarding. and then check out this link Changing NAT type on PS3 and PS4.




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