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Superhub 2AC with 2 xbones both open nat except for BO3


I have the Superhub 2AC with 2 xbones connected wirelessly to it. UPNP is enabled and both xbones show an open nat except when playing BO3 they both show moderate. I have tried putting one of the xbones in dmz which showed open nat but the other xbox then went strict. I then tried port forwarding but the xbone in dmz then went strict! I have since reset the router to defaults and am back to square 1. Can anyone offer a solution for this issue or recommend an inexpensive router that will do the trick.

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Re: Superhub 2AC with 2 xbones both open nat nat except for BO3

Hi D_Mengs,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with BO3. This appears to be a common issue with that game and multiple devices. I may have missed it in your post but did you try one xbox port forwarded while the other is in DMZ? 

I'd always highly recommend having any games console wired to the hub instead of wireless. Wireless is a very unstable connection even at the best of times and when gaming you need a steady stream of data for the best experience. 


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