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SuperHub 3 CSGO packet loss

I have seen a few issues on CSGO on the forum but I am wondering if everyone that is having these issues are using the SuperHub 3?

I was using a SH2 up until December but due to personal issues I've taken out a new contract at the same property and VM provided me with a SH3. I never had any packet loss with the previous SH2 and it is wired into the same connection, same room in the house, same PC, the only thing that has changed is the SH itself. 

The modem was only set up on Saturday and no settings have been changed. i don't know where to start with solving this issue as I've never had this problem with any connection in the past. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: SuperHub 3 CSGO packet loss

We've all been having similar issues, there are a few posts on here about it lately.

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