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Streetfighter 5 Lag

Newbie seeking help

So I've been speaking for a few weeks with a member of Capcoms Customer Service team for Streetfighter 5 and we've been attempting to troubleshoot a spat of Lag that occurs on a routine basis. The lag i'm having is ruining the game for me completely as i play it prodominently for the social aspect.

I've checked my connection on routinely when playing.

I have opened a multitude of Ports on my Virgin media Superhub 2. [This includes player suggested ports and all of the Capcom suggested ports.]

I have changed my DNS to -

I run the game in administrator

I have been asked if my Router is a Technicolor model i did a little research and to my knowledge the Superhub 2 is not Technicolor model.

At this point i should note i play on PC via Steam.

myself and friends have spent several hours troubleshooting the problem on different days and always find that on most occasions we can play roughly 5-6 sets of 3 and then one of us will experience lag that completely ruins the game.

The games prior to experiencing lag are completely clean with no latency at all however when we hit game 5-6 it dies completely and due to the nature of SFV's Netcode one of us is hit with a severe game breaking disadvantage basically nullifying the point in playing.

I've looked everywhere for several weaks trying everything i have come across and i'm running out of options now i don't really have any idea what to do next.

The last correspondence i had with Capcom suggested trying a different router however the Superhub is all i own and i'm plugged into it via a short ethernet cable so i do not have anything availible to test this with.

I'm currently waiting on there reply for more suggestions and felt that perhaps turning to the community itself may be fruitful.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.


[Please pardon punctuation and over captitalisation i'm Dyslexic.]


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Re: Streetfighter 5 Lag

Hi SquashingFrogs,


First of all welcome to the community and thanks for posting everything you've tried so far.

I've just checked your connection from here and everything looks perfectly healthy. Your power levels, SNR and area contention are all spot on. 

I'm not 100% sure as I've not picked up SF5 yet, do they use p2p or server based matchmaking? If p2p it could be down to traffic shaping though this wouldn't explain it only kicking in after a few matches. 

If server based it would be worth running a traceroute to their server when you get the lag and posting it here for us to see where on the route the latency comes in.

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