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Strange internet problems... massive jitter?

For about 2 weeks now online games are unplayable for me... I have massive jitter but my ping seems to stay ok when it happens apart from a game called firefall where a command showing MS will see my ping constantly spike from 40s to 100+ everytime i move..


in both firefall and counterstrike when I move my player jumps backwards a little everytime im moving.



Can you please take a look at my internet to see if theres any issues? really hard to deal with I thought the problem would go away

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Re: Strange internet problems... massive jitter?

Hi jakemcintyre


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing while playing counterstrike and firefall. 


When checking your connection there are some issues showing with the upstream power levels that would cause a problem. We will need to organise an engineer visit to get these levels adjusted.


I will drop you a private message to get this arranged.


Speak soon

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