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Still terrible connection, Virgin disconnected account



Posted a thread a week or so ago about unacceptable spikes in latency, packet loss and overall only getting 30-50mb out of our 100mb fiber package, at all times of day.


There was a further issue after posting this, that basically the first engineer that installed the equipment here didn't properly report that the installation was complete, so there were 2 more engineers come out on different dates thinking they had to do an installation. The third called up on the spot and spoke to someone to tell them that it was complete and to put it through.


While this was going on, our account online was showing as not connected yet, and today I just checked to be faced with the message that our account has been disconnected (Shown below). I assume this means that for the second time (First being when moving out of uni for summer earlier this year) that they will decide to tell us that we owe them a big fine for supposedly leaving the contract early.



At this point it has just been going in circles, customer service overall has been pretty terrible and it has been one problem after another, and now this. It seems evident that there are huge issues with the services being offered right now (And looking through many threads/news articles I feel that there is a common theme of overloading connections in relation to the 9 month student package, I had Virgin 120mb 2 years ago and it worked amazingly)


With this false cancellation for no reason entirely on their part and probably subsequent demanding of payment of a cancellation fee which we will of course refuse, would this be an easy way to get out of the contract and switch to BT? Their prices are slightly higher, but in 5 different properties over many years I have had zero major issues with them and always get near advertised speeds.

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