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Speeds are fine 100/6 ~ but I get ping spikes from 50 to 2000+ ms (wired connection)

Had this problem for over a month now and after trying to fix it myself by trawling the internet I have given up. When playing games like Dota 2 reborn I will freeze randomly for about a second or two every 30~ seconds. I have set up a constant ping thingy (technical terms) to the server I play on and it jumps from 50~ ms to 100-600 ms and has peaked at over 2000ms. I don't know why this is happening as I have a ping of 16~ ms to with speeds of around 100/6 mbps (wired connection). I am not sure whether this is a problem with my internet or the Dota 2 servers I play on, but none of my friends, who live near by, have had this problem when playing in the same game as me.

(Note: I get this problem on both the EU west server and EU east, I haven't tried any others as they are too far away)

I have also been experiencing problems with our wireless internet. Everyday for nearly two months at various points during the evening, the wireless speeds will drop from around 80mbps download to 0.3mbps download. This tends to happen a few times each day and last for around 10-30 minutes each time. Distance to the router is not the problem and restarting the router may solve the problem briefly before it happens again 5 minutes later. 
       (Whilst this problem is going on, the wired speeds remain perfectly fine.)

I would really appreciate some help and I am happy to help clarify any details if needed Smiley Happy


       TRODDA Smiley Happy

Oops P.S.     Just pinged the server again, here are the results over a short period of time>>

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Re: Speeds are fine 100/6 ~ but I get ping spikes from 50 to 2000+ ms (wired connection)

Hi Trodda,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Dota and ping spikes. I've checked your connection and everything looks normal on the hub and local network. The two issues of the wireless dropping and ping spiking are likely related if you're playing over a wireless connection. You can try and improve this by trying different wireless channels but for gaming online there's no substitute for a good stable ethernet cable. 

As well as trying an ethernet cable I'd suggest setting up a BQM graph at You can find this by clicking Tools and then Broadband Quality Monitor. You will have to enable ICMP echo requests in the hubs advanced settings under Ping.

I hope this helps and let us know how you get on and we'll take it from there. 

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