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Speeding up Xbox One downloads

Hey guys,

I recently upgraded to VIVID 200 Gamer. Besides the ongoing utilisation issues at peak time (super annoying) I get a consistent 200+ Mbps during offpeak times. Great.

The cable I have running into the room has 200Mb/s as confirmed with a handy speedtest using my laptop.

However as soon as the cable is plugged into my Xbox, the detailed network statistics show my Xbox receiving 40Mb/s down (more often than not lower) and 20Mb/s up. It gets worse while downloading patches and digital games where it plummets to around 15Mb/s.

Are they any known issues with the SH3 and the Xbone? Can you guys suggest some handy workarounds to help me get the most out of my Xbox? I'm aware alot of people suggest using a separate router and using the SH3 in modem mode but that's something that isn't viable right now.

Any guidance would be greatly helped! This problem has wrecked my head for the past few weeks.

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Re: Speeding up Xbox One downloads

Hi there CraigCannon,


Many thanks for your post and really sorry for the speed issue experienced.


It's worth knowing that any speed tests completed via the Xbox will not be as reliable as they're testing speeds through third party servers and not directly with our network.


I'd still like to check your equipment levels and network segment but I am unable to locate your account at present.


I've sent you a private mail so that we can chat some more about this.


You can locate my message by clicking on the envelope icon near the top right corner of the Community page.


Speak to you soon,





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