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Sony Playstation 4

I have Virgin 100Mb broadband and pay around one hundred pounds a month for their many different services, which I have done for many years now, yet I struggle to play online games on my Sony Playstation 4. Online games play okay in the daytime, but at around four o'clock games are unplayable until around midnight. It is also abysmal at the weekends. I have a wired connection and leave the wireless switched off yet I struggle to play online games with friends with cheaper, slower broadband connections. The lag spike spikes make it impossible to compete with other players. I have optimised my Superhub settings and it has made no difference at all. Is the Superhub that bad that I need to purchase myself a decent router and use the Superhub purely as a modem??? Or is it Virgin's broadband and I should look for another provider???

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Re: Sony Playstation 4

What version Superhub do you have? I have the Superhub 2 AC and have no issues with my PS4. I usually get about 50meg down, 7 meg up on a wired connection when I do a speed test on my PS4 and have no issues playing online (Mostly FFXIV online). I am on the 200 vivid broadband service however the 100 should be more than competent to handle the PS Network.

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Re: Sony Playstation 4

There is a known issue with the PS4 and the SH in router mode. Been like it since last summer.

Red (VM SH2 AC Beta tester)
Running on 200Mb VM service with SH2 AC in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-N66U router. With this setup I get Fantastic WIRED and WIRELESS Signals in my home. I dont work for VM. But I work in IT, and I know my tech.
My advice is at your own risk.
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