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Slow wired connection

So this problem has been annoying me. I have my xbox one in my room, where the wifi signal it was receiving was utterly useless, so I purchased a TP link wired adapter that runs through the mains to connect my router to my xbox upstairs.

This setup has worked perfectly almost consistently throughout the year it has been like this, I have had a constant 40mbps until about a month ago. Given that my internet speed should be 70mbps, 40mbps is totally fine for me as its a good portion of bandwidth for gaming. Anyway, recently my speed has become atrocious, with it averaging at 9mbps, and it really annoys me given my previous speed. 

So I called virgin, who said my internet should be running fine (sceptical though) so now I am really confused, even my speedtests say the speed is 20mbps. Is this due to the router?(super hub 1) or my tp link or just my xbox? 

Help desperately needed.


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Re: Slow wired connection

Unplug everything and restart the lot.. homeplugs are a pain in the bum and do play up a fair bit, ive killed 9 of them and begining signs of them failing is speed going wonkey, restarting/unpluging everything does seem to get them working again for a time.

Just a suggestion and might be nothing to do with that.

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