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Slow internet

Ive been living in Prenton (ch43) since May and internet was bad, like really bad each evenings/weekends. I know its peek time, but to have below 0,5 mb is just unbearable. Got contract for "up to" 50 and i dont expect to have half or third of that during pick hours 5-10 would do. We cannot use internet when below 1 and its just getting silly. Netflix, Amazon Prime or you tube is not an option, gaming online is just “nope not today” and checking emails is considerably difficult.

When doing that online test of yours results are always the same "oops something is wrong, we are trying to sort it out..." After conversation with advisor (very professional and helpful by the way) around June nothing has changed and i was told that it will be repaired by October (most likely). When asked will upgrade will make a difference heard simply "no". Until yesterday i did believe that but started to look on other customers posts and apparently so called review date is constantly moved so i expect similar in October.

Okay so i want to know will this issue be fixed in October or that is just a lie and it will be like that till end of contract. For me as for other people its the same, we are paying for service which we dont have (or have but ridiculously small fraction of it) and if there is an issue as big as this one all bills should be reduced accordingly.

My PC and TV are connected with Ethernet cable, so its not wireless issue.

One of the recent test is below


A detailed image for this result can be found here:

Test Date: 16 Sep 2016 21:36
Download: 1.01 Mbps
Upload: 3.05 Mbps
Ping: 14 ms
Connection Type: Wi-Fi
Server: Manchester
Internal IP:
Latitude: 53.4000
Longitude: -3.0333,-3.033300

Ookla operates Ookla Speedtest using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With millions of tests performed every day across thousands of servers, Ookla Speedtest is the de facto standard for primary network testing.

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